Media Planning

Our Current Media Services:

Newspaper Advertising

The best kept secret = Newspaper Advertising Networks

We are affiliated with statewide, regional, and national newspaper associations, so we can place your ad in classified or display advertising in over 21,000 newspapers nationwide and reach a total circulation of over 100 million weekly in newspaper networks across the country! We can help you reach an audience that best fits your marketing needs by placing a word, classified, or display ad by region, state, or nationwide. We represent daily and weekly paid circulation publications; community, college, and alternative newspapers; as well as free distribution shoppers.


Save up to 70% off placing directly with each newspaper through us! Rates are as low as $1.00 per publication so you can reach a very large audience for a fraction of the cost of placing the ads individually. We are one of the largest advertising agencies with these discounted newspaper network rates. We can work with any size budget – from placing a single classified ad to planning and implementing a nationwide advertising campaign for a large corporation spending millions of dollars annually. We can also handle all of your recruitment advertising.

Access to Media can help you determine the most effective advertising plan for your individual needs. One call allows us to place ads in hundreds of newspapers throughout the United States. We can help save you time and money!

Some of Our Printed Options:

• Daily Newspaper
• Community Newspapers
• College Newspapers
• African American Newspapers
• Hispanic Newspapers
• Free Standing Inserts
• Military Newspapers
• Senior Newspapers/Gated Community Newspapers

Print Advertising enables you to connect with millions of potential customers quickly, simply, and economically. Our Niche Publications reach people who are looking for your specific service or product.


Sponsorships are a cost-effective and a creative way to showcase your product in a cutting edge way giving you an advantage over competitors. Sponsoring events or media that your audience is drawn to will instantly increase consumer attitude towards your product. The avenues available for sponsorship are often segmented by demographic, making targeting the right audience virtually foolproof.

Standing out ahead of competitors, especially competitors with larger advertising budgets, is important. With Access To Media's sponsorship capabilities ensuring the best possible fit for you, your target audience is sure to hold your sponsorship in high regard.

People will naturally appreciate a product that is actively supporting something they enjoy. This instantly elevates your product ahead of competitors on your budget level and beyond.

Sponsorship Opportunities May Include:

• Television Sponsorships
• Radio Sponsorships
• Concert Sponsorships
• Sporting Event Sponsorships
• Race/Marathon Sponsorships

Digital Advertising

The future is rapidly headed towards becoming primarily a digital market. Access To Media has every capability to bring your product to consumers using a variety of different digital platforms.

Access to Media will make sure your product is ahead of the curve with services including:

PPC Campaigns - PPC campaigns offer great freedom to target specific markets, geological locations, and any demographic of your choosing. We specialize in Pay-per-click marketing services with strong results in Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing. Boost awareness of your product to heights you never thought possible with targeted PPC campaigns that get you real results. Our team is Google AdWords Certified.

SEO - In our experience, most clients don't have the time to manage effective, full-scale organic search marketing campaigns on their own. Our team of certified SEO experts monitors sites and content daily to ensure an up-to-date and optimized webpage.

Web Design - Your website is the central hub of your digital content. Nothing will turn off a potential customer more than an ugly website that leaves them uninformed and frustrated. From online shopping carts to promotional landing pages, our designers can assist you in building a functional and informative website worthy of any marketing goal.

Landing Pages - Separate landing pages can be directly designed to reflect a relevant ad or promotion. Though a homepage should be informative about your product and engaging to visitors, you cannot rely on it alone for specific advertising needs. Access To Media can design separate landing pages linked from specific ads, giving you the full benefits of any online advertising campaign.

Social Media - The key to having social media success with your business is having an active page. This can take a lot of time out of your day researching, creating and finding engaging content, posting at your most active times of the day, and so on... Let us releive some of your stress. Our digital team is well experienced in expanding social media pages.


• Digital Banners
• Pre-Roll Video Advertising
• App Development

Radio Advertising

Advertisers love radio because of its immediate impact. Radio Advertising reaches almost 95% of targeted consumers when they are statistically at their least distracted. Access To Media will create a powerful, engaging message and target the right demographic you need for the results only we can deliver. Our relationship with radio stations across the country enables our clients to reach millions of listeners in multiple markets with just one call.

Your initial investment will produce and test a commercial with our talented copy writer and on-air voice talent. After the demographic testing is complete, pricing for an ongoing campaign is established. YOU SET THE BUDGET - We make it work!

We are able to advertise through the following radio channels:

• National/Local Ads
• Sirius
• iHeart Radio/Pandora
• Podcasts

Television Advertising

TV reaches the widest audience of any medium - and at the time they are most receptive to advertisers' messages. TV advertising also gives your business credibility by letting consumers know that you're a solid, successful company.

Our creative team can concept, script, shoot, and edit a professional, impressive, successful TV spot and we'll work for you to figure out the best possible placement.

Target 99% of households with Television Advertising. Television Advertising is unique in its inherit ability to engage consumers in both a visual and audio presentation.

Your reach may include:

• National/Local
• Syndicated
• Dish
• College/Hotel Room TV

Magazine Advertising

Placing an ad with a magazine company is similar to advertising through newspapers in that the target market is directly impacted by the ad. Not so similarly, magazines target specific audiences based on their content. With over 160,00 magazines currently in publication worldwide there are limitless opportunities when it comes to advertising through appropriate publication, depending on your product or business.

Many magazine publications exist on a national basis, not just locally, meaning the geographic area being targeted is on a much larger scale, allowing your ROI to increase exponentially. The cost of advertising will be offset by the return of capital due to its large target market on a national scale.

Alongside hardcopies of magazines, many publications are broadening their horizons to offering e-mags, accessible on desktop computers as well as tablets and mobile devices, bringing an entirely new angle to the magazine advertising world.

Some of our magazine options are:

• Free Standing Inserts
• Magazines-Sports/Men's Magazines

Out of Home

Outdoor advertising is the one platform that cannot be avoided. You demand attention when you put your message on a 600 square foot billboard. Consumers will see your ad every time they are exposed to it. Since this type of advertising remains in the same place for an extended period of time, it is ideal for potential customers as they travel the same routes or frequent the same locations daily. Customers are more likely to remember a product they are exposed to every day, especially if the ad is memorable in some way.

Different forms of outdoor advertising includes:

• Billboards
• Bus Advertising
• Posters
• Wallscapes
• Taxi Ads
• Airplane banners