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Why SEO is Important for Businesses

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What does SEO mean?

SEO other known as “search engine optimization” is the ranking of a web page in a search engine. When people search for products, search engines display content related to your business. 93% of online interactions start with search engines. SEO provides a way for customers to connect with your business. If your page is appealing and attractive on the search engine, it can lead to an increase traffic to your website.

Organic Vs Paid SEO

The real difference between organic and paid search engine optimization is the cost. Both have excellent benefits, but ultimately paid SEO will help achieve your business goals faster.


Paid search promotes your business through advertisements. These advertisements are displayed on both the top and bottom of the search results screen. When a user searches for a local service or business, the paid advertisement will appear first.


Create a business page on Google so you can stand out from your competitors. This is essentially the first free step for marketing your business. Providing high quality content, boosting keywords, and backlinking are ways to improve the websites page rank.

Which Search Engine is best to use for marketing?

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the current most popular search portals. Google’s search engine alone has 5.6 billion searches a day. In most countries, Google is accessible, meaning it reaches a larger audience. When searching for something on Google, it scans its index of billions of pages using key words in order to best fit your search. The results are based on an algorithm that uses over 200 ranking factors.

Google Search Console Tool

Google has a free tool for SEO rankings and traffic reports on a sites’ impression. It provides suggestions on top key words and pages to help better your page on Google Search results. Google will also send alerts when they identify an issue regarding your website. Our team is certified in all Google certifications including Search, Display, Shopping, and more.

Search engine optimization is about helping search engines understand and present content better for users. With these small modifications, your business could have a noticeable impact on your website’s performance and sales.

At Access To Media, we are fully equipped to help you with all of your digital marketing and advertising needs. Check out our website today to see what we offer and how our Digital Team can find the right digital marketing platform for you!